Almost One

My baby is growing up.  He is changing so much every week–nay, make that every DAY–and soon he will be a full-fledged toddler. The past year has been one of the most amazing/trying/exhausting/beautiful/exhausting/maturing times of my life. Exhausting. Did I forget that one 😉

Anyway, he is starting to look like a true little boy–less baby-like. He is learning at full-speed right now, and it is so neat to see. For example, when I say “Where’s mommy’s nose?” he takes his chubby little finger and taps me right on the tip of my nose. SO CUTE! And he points to everything and makes this sweet little “ta” sound at the things he points to. It almost sounds like he’s saying “that–what’s that?” and I guess he is in his way. He’s cruising furniture like a pro, and can stand for like 1-2 seconds on his own. He even remembers hand-gestures for different cues–for example, on one page of the book “Canada in Colours” I always wave my hand, and one day when I turned to that page he started waving his hand before I did it myself–SMARTIE!. He waves “hi” and “bye,” brushes his hair with his little baby brush, plays peek-a-boo on his terms, gets mad if he doesn’t get what he wants (uh oh–he has my temper), plays the drums, and so much more.

I say all this because it’s my way of remembering these little moments. Time goes by so fast, and I don’t want to forget all this. I’m not good at documenting through things like baby-books or pictures even (I will kick myself for not taking enough pictures in the future) so I just want to make sure I don’t forget. He’s my sweet little monturkeyroo and he will be ONE in two weeks. I can’t believe it.

I just want to add, and not dwell–I never dwell, NEVER–he’s still not sleeping through the night though. Come on Avery. In the words of one other exhausted parent: “How come you can do all this other great shit but you can’t just go the f— to sleep?” Those are my sentiments exactly.

My baby is growing, and I can’t stop it. But I can write about it here so I can look back on this time of my life and remember.

OOOOOH I want to pinch those delicious cheeks





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