November Rain (and Sunshine)

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by to my (teeny-tiny) corner of the interwebs today. I want to talk about all things November today.

I love fall, but November is kind of that slippery slope into winter. Winter is not good, people. I LOVE Christmas, but other than that, winter pretty much sucks. You see, I live in a city that rains, and rains, and rains during the winter months. And every so often we do get a nice day of sunshine and brisk wind (which is totally fantastic), but then it just rains again.

Now, I really shouldn’t complain because I’m actually from just outside of Edmonton and it is much colder there. So cold, in fact, that really if you were outside not wearing anything you could die within minutes (this is not a scientific fact, I’m not sure how long–probably more like hours. BUT STILL! You could die from the cold!!! I even had a friend who was allergic to the cold–she had a medical bracelet and everything. WTF was she doing in Edmonton?) But I don’t really like the rain either. Le sigh. Or “la sigh?” Which one, French people?

Anyway, enough rambling. The point of this post is to simply say this: My son changed my grumpiness directed at November because he was born in this month. So now November is full of sunshine regardless of how rainy it is! (See how corny I can be? Avery does that to me, boy does he ever! Golly gee). I love my little man. He will be ONE YEARS OLD on Thursday!

You are my sunshine

Happy birth-month sweet pumpkin monturkeyroozle! I love you like you wouldn’t believe. You are my heart.

If this isn’t the face of sunshine and rainbows I don’t know what is.




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  1. Its been so amazing watching this little miracle grow throughtout this past year, but it felt like a blink of an eye. Grandma and Grampa loves him dearly, he is our sunshine too, he is Grandma’s beebs and Grandpa’s buddy!!! Love you guys xoxoxo!!

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