Doctor Doctor Part 2

Quick update: A and I had our appointment with the new doctor today and wow. That’s all I can say. It was SO much better, I don’t even really have words to describe it.

But I will try because that is what a blog is all about, mmkay?

First things first, never was Google mentioned and this in itself was worth switching for, amiright? In fact, she actually spent time with us, talking about things, asking follow-up questions, writing stuff down. You know, like a doctor should do. I mentioned some things to her that I mentioned to my previous doctor and she actually seemed genuinely interested in the problems. ¬†For example, when I said that I was taking Dom Peridone, she told me they don’t prescribe that anymore for long-term use due to some side-effects that are risky (she didn’t go into details and advised me to remain on it, but I am sure we will be discussing that further). I am getting tested for a number of health issues that run in my family (like diabetes and high cholesterol) whereas even though the previous doctor took down all my family history information, she did nothing about it. Really, it’s like night and day. I am so grateful to have found her (thank-you Jenn!)

Anyway, A made shy though, so we decided that we would do his check-up next week instead just so that his relationship with her didn’t start off on the wrong foot (how do you like them apples? She is thinking long-term AND understands babies. Who would have thunk?). And I kinda can’t wait till the checkup so I can find out how much A weighs now because it feels like he is ripping my arms off when I carry him.

To sum it all up: big sigh of relief. I feel like we are finally in good medical hands. It’s been a long time.