On Sleep Rants

I have to say, after my rant on sleep a couple of days ago, I feel better. It SO helps to just get the frustration out (even if only to the internets). It’s like punching a Bobo doll. Except no one gets punched. And there are no Bobo dolls. So it’s not like that. Whatever.

Anyway, Wednesday night was another crappy sleep night. However, instead of rushing to just nurse him quiet, we tried a few things that ALMOST worked. A woke up at 10 again, but Kevin got him to go back to sleep with the guitar (yay!). We decided then to bring the guitar in the bedroom with us so Kevin could try that again if he woke up. Which he did, at midnight. The guitar worked again, but only for about 1/2 hour. At that point, I pretty much wanted to sleep and needed A to sleep as well so I nursed him. And boy did he eat a lot. I thought for sure that he would sleep until 5 or 6. He didn’t. He woke at 3:30 and so I nursed him again because I didn’t want to make Kevin wake up and play the guitar so early?late?. But even though it wasn’t a good night, I just didn’t feel so bad about it when I woke up. I believe it was the ranting the day before that kept me sane.

Last night was awesome though. We braved going to Kevin’s mom’s campsite (she’s here visiting from Edmonton) for the evening, fully believing that we would have to leave early to get A to bed at a decent time. But he did awesome. No fussing, no whining (he is a really good baby I have to say). We put him in the playpen to sleep in the RV at 7:30ish, and he went to sleep so well! We left at 10, got home at 11, then put him to bed again, but I didn’t nurse him this time. He slept until 3:30! Go Avery!

So, maybe I ranted too soon. I have hope (and my finger’s crossed).

Also, side note, everyone kept gushing about how good A is (and how delicious his cheeks are). He is awesome. Maybe I’m biased, but just sayin’. Also also, Kevin’s family says he’s the spitting image of me. This is progress because a few months ago I had a lady look at me, then at A and say: “Oh, he’s beautiful. He must look like his father.” Hah. That was a blow to my pride. But now, Kevin, move over.





Let’s Talk About Sleep Baby

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but we have had family visiting since this weekend nonstop, and so I have had very little time to work on anything (unless you count diaper changes, because let me tell you A has been on a pooping spree–sorry. But it’s true).

Anyway, I wanted to talk about something personal. I’m not getting any enough. Try as I might, it’s just not happening. Oh there’s hope. There are little glimpses of that lustful glory coming my way, but as soon as it teases me, it’s gone. Sigh. No, I’m not talking about what you might think. Gutter-minds. I am talking about sleep.

Sorry about that cheese-ball attempt to make you interested in my personal struggles with my dear dear  friend Sleep, but seriously, iamlosingmypatiencealready.

A is a good sleeper in a lot of ways. We got over the 30 minute nap hurdle at 4 months, and since then he’s been a great napper. I’m thankful for that. I really am, because nap time = glory time for moi. He sleeps in his own crib, and he also falls asleep on his own quite well when I put him down for bed. So, yes. We have a lot of pluses here.

BUT BUT BUT. He wakes up 2 (sometimes 3) times a night on a regular basis (a habitual 10:30 and 2:30) and is up for the day at 6. I know this is not TERRIBLE, but it means that I rarely get over 3-3.5 hours of sleep in a row. And I would like to. Very much.

There is hope though. Baby A has given me small glimpses of hope the last couple of weeks. He slept through the night once (from 6:30 – 6:30). And there have been a few nights where he has only woken up once (at 1, which is awesome because then I get FIVE WHOLE HOURS of sleep in a row). So maybe it’s changing.

The thing is, he gives me these little teasers (which I can’t fully enjoy because I wake up constantly out of habit anyway) but then goes back to waking up at the usual times again. ¬†However, I never know which type of night it will be, and this my friends, drives me crazy. I feel like I am playing that board game where you have to guess which ridiculous cartoon character your opponent has by asking questions (is yours wearing glasses/female/senile/a ginger/etc.). And the game sucks and you don’t want to play, but you have to because your opponent has tied you to the table and has you at gunpoint and insists you “Guess Who” till you drop (either from boredom or sleep or…). Only, I don’t know which questions to ask! One thing that seems to be a consistent ‘clue’ is if A can go back to sleep at the first wakening (the 10:30) without the boob, then he usually will just wake at 1ish for a feeding and then sleep right through until 6ish. Sometimes he can do this on his own, but sometimes he can’t. What does help a lot of the time is if Kevin plays a song for him on the guitar (the same melody that I sing to him before bed). A can fall asleep to this tune most of the time, but there are some times that he doesn’t. Maybe he’s just hungry those nights, I don’t know.

"Jenny on the job - Gets her beauty sleep...

I wish this was me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been contemplating back and forth about trying sleep-training. I’m scared though, because I love my little monturk (stands for part monkey-part turkey) so much hearing him cry just makes me want to rip out my ears and stab a fork in my eyeball (oh, and comfort him, that too). So, I don’t know if I have it in me to do the whole sleep training thing. It’s so much easier to just slap the boob in front of his face.

In other words: HELP!

Please, dearest readers, give me some advice. Tell me what to do. I need to know because last night was a shitty sleep, and I am pretty much at the end of my rope after 9 months of this. And this is not counting the 657842093 trips made to the bathroom during pregnancy. So I pretty much have not had a full night’s sleep for well over a year. And I’m tired.

What do you do when your baby wakes at night? Do you do like I do and just nurse/bottle-feed so you can go to sleep without listening to crying? Are you at the end of your rope too? Am I the only one (I know I’m not and your all probably giving me the side-eye at this point because your sick of my complaining). But, please help.